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Although ReadiGrass is marketed primarily as a horse feed, it also makes a great complementary feed for small animals – the perfect alternative to conventional hay – high quality grass with only the water removed.

ReadiGrass is made exclusively from our own fields in the heart of Yorkshire and offers a delicious fibre source to keep your small animal healthy.  Our drying process removes only the water – keeping the natural flavour, wonderful smell, colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.

Good to know

  • High in beneficial fibre which will keep your pet’s digestive system healthy and operating effectively.
  • Encourages the natural chewing instinct and keeps teeth worn and healthy
  • The delicious forage provides interest and prevents boredom
  • Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth
  • The drying process retains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain health and keep your pet’s coat shiny
  • Appetising ‘fresh-grass’ aroma
  • Naturally palatable

ReadiGrass is great for stimulating appetite and is tempting even to the fussiest of feeders. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that will keep your pet in tip-top condition.

It is suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Good quality forage, dried grass, timothy, green oat or hay should form the major part of the diet of these animals.

For 1kg handy carry-packs choose Friendly ReadiGrass
including multiple pack options

For larger (15kg) bales purchase as ReadiGrass

ReadiGrass is available nationwide from all good feedstores

To find a stockist close to you

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Alternatively, single bales may be ordered from Friendship Estates directly. The price includes delivery to mainland UK.

Please note: due to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the courier, we are currently unable to send these large bales by post.

The pack of 4 x 1kg Friendly Readigrass is not affected, and still available to order.

Once everything has eased, we hope to start selling the large packs again!

Readigrass is still readily available from a wide range of stockists.

  • Nutritional Information
  • Composition
  • Feeding Information

Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis:

  • Protein           15%
  • Crude fibre    21%
  • Oil                   3%
  • Calcium        0.55%
  • Phosphorus   0.27%
  • Total sugar   10-12%
  • Starch          < 0.1%


Dried Grass

Feeding Information

  • ReadiGrass can be fed ad lib
  • Can be fed on its own or mixed with a good quality hay
  • Ensure access to fresh water at all times


Name Posted on Comment Rating
Catherind 31/08/2020

Our guinea pig absolutely loves this. Will eat at least a bowl a day if allowed. It smells amazing and certainly brightens up her day! She turns it into great compost pellets 🤣🤣🤣

Maria- Somerset 23/09/2019

Kira and Audrey bunnies love it!!!!

James 14/09/2018

We've bought Friendly Readigrass for years now for our rabbits. They've always been fussy, and we've used a lot of expensive hay as bedding when they've turned their noses up, but this Readigrass is always eaten with gusto. Highly recommended

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