Friendly Hutch Hemp

Friendly Hutch Hemp is made from the soft core of hemp plants which are grown in Yorkshire to produce natural fibres.

It provides a warm, comfortable and dust-free bedding suitable for all small animals. Its outstanding natural absorbency ensures that the bedding remains drier for longer, helping to keep your pet clean, comfortable and contented.

Benefits of Friendly Hutch Hemp

  • Wonderful soft texture and loose open structure
  • Outstanding natural absorbency
  • Dust-extracted, clean and unscented
  • Low odour – ammonia and smells are absorbed effectively
  • Economical – less bedding is needed to do the same job
  • Biodegradeable – composts easily

Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Degus, Mice, Ferrets and Tortoises

Bedding advice

  • Hutch Hemp can be used as bedding for all small animals
  • Spread Hutch Hemp over the base of your pet’s home, house, cage, hutch or playpen
  • Remove soiled product regularly, topping up with fresh Hutch Hemp

Friendly Hutch Hemp is available in 1kg bags and is available to purchase both online or through one of our stockists.

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Please note: due to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the courier, this product is only available to buy as 4 x 1kg from our online store.

Once everything has eased, we hope to start selling the larger packs again!

The larger quantities are still readily available from a wide range of stockists.

Sizes: 4 x 1kg pack

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Lydia Dixon 16/06/2021

Wonderful, soft product which is ideal for all guinea pigs, but especially those who have allergies to other bedding such as wood shavings or cardboard-based pellets. Hutch hemp is absorbent and very pleasant to use, I only wish it came in a larger-sized bag!

Roxanne Hawkin 05/10/2019

I have been using this as bedding for my guinea pigs for a couple of months now and I am very impressed. It seems to stay fresh much longer than the shredded cardboard that I used in the past. My piggies love it too and it feels very soft and I have noticed that their feet seem to be in better condition since I swapped to this. Great product and I am very pleased that it is grown in Yorkshire less than half an hour from where I live!

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