Extruded Wheat Yellow

Extruded wheat discs (1cm diameter) with added yellow colouring.

A feed material suitable for use in feed mixes for small rodents and grain-eating ornamental birds (up to 37.5% of daily ration); and for inclusion in feed mixes for dogs or cats (no maximum set).

Extruded Yellow Wheat is available in 25kg bag or 750kg totes

Trade only

This product is only available for trade supplies please contact us on 01302 700220 or by email on info@friendshipestates.co.uk.

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  • Nutritional Information
  • Composition

Nutritional Information

Typical Nutritional Analysis:

  • Protein 11%
  • Fibre 2.5%
  • Oil 2.5%
  • Ash 1.5%
  • Sodium 0.01%
  • Moisture 10.5%


Wheat, Linseed, Tartrazine colouring (E102)


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