A well used barn owl box on our farm. Constructed by Edward Cooke

A well used barn owl box on our farm, constructed by Edward Cooke

Our aim is to grow a range of forage, cereal, herbal and other crops; to add value to these crops and market them as high quality, branded products through the wholesale and retail equine and pet trade.

Our intention is to farm the land under our control in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner with a view to the long term improvement of the soil and enhancement of wildlife habitats.

We will:

  1. Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, including the DEFRA Codes for Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air, Soil and Water.
  2. Encourage best environmental practice in the management of farmland, woodland and other areas and aim to reduce the impact of our farming activities on wildlife.
  3. Promote the provision and improvement of specific habitats to support a diversity of wildlife.
  4. Monitor and reduce our consumption of energy, water and consumables.
  5. Minimise our production of waste and promote recycling of waste products.
  6. Compost organic waste and apply this to our farmland, thereby reducing reliance on inorganic fertilisers.
  7. Reduce emissions and prevent pollution.
  8. Promote environmental awareness in our staff through education and training.

Andrew Cooke
Managing Director