£1 off HorseHage Promotion

Across September and the whole of October 2020 we are offering £1 off a bale of HorseHage (any variety)!

Take advantage now and stock up from your local retailer for the winter ahead!

Why Choose HorseHage?

• HorseHage is consistent in quality and comes with a 100% guarantee.
• HorseHage is dust-free – a hugely important factor for a healthy respiratory system.
• HorseHage splits easily into wedges for netting up.

• HorseHage is considerably lower in sugar than other forages due to the fermentation process it goes through.
• High Fibre HorseHage and Timothy HorseHage are both safe to feed to horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
• HorseHage never requires soaking.

• HorseHage is highly compressed into smaller bales which are easy to handle.
• Unopened HorseHage will keep for at least 12 months.
• HorseHage can be stored outside on a pallet.

• HorseHage contains no chemicals, additives, mould inhibitors, inoculants, flavourings or molasses.
• HorseHage is packed and heat-sealed into a double-skinned bag to reduce the risk of puncturing. It is NEVER rebagged.
• HorseHage has FEMAS and BETA NOPS certification to show it is produced to the highest industry standards.

• HorseHage packaging is recyclable

Click here to find out more about HorseHage and the different varieties.