Yew Collection

Yew Collection

Unfortunately we are not collecting yew clippings in 2017 

Since 1992 we have been involved in buying and collecting clippings from yew hedges from houses and gardens throughout Great Britain to supply the pharmaceutical industry with the raw material for cancer treatments.

Yew trees grown in gardens as hedges or topiary are best clipped each year to maintain their shape and clear outline. Rather than burning or composting the growth that is removed, clippings can be collected and used in the manufacture of chemotherapy treatments for cancer. We pay per kg for the clippings.

We start collecting yew clippings in July and generally stop collecting at the end of the first week in October.

What we collect

What the clippings are used for

What is involved in supplying us

If you would like to supply us with your clippings or require any further information, please contact us on:                  

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