What is involved in supplying us;
  • If it is possible, please inform us in advance of when you plan to clip or when you start clipping. This enables us to plan our collections so that we can remove the clippings as soon as possible after you finish.
  • When clipping, collect up the clippings and store them prior to us collecting. The best way to keep them fresh is to spread the clippings in a layer no more than 30cm deep under cover. If this is not possible then they can be spread on a sheet outside, preferably in the shade. If neither of these options is suitable for your site, please call or email us to discuss your arrangements and hopefully we can work something out.
  • We generally collect when a property finishes clipping or, if clipping takes longer than a week, when we are in the area on a weekly basis.
  • We collect in vans fitted with small cranes and scales (to weigh the clippings) and travel to most areas of the country at least once a week. We tend to make collections from several properties in an area on one day.
  • When we collect, we fill tote bags with clippings then weigh them prior to loading them into the van.
  • Payment is made promptly either by cheque or into your bank account (at a price per kg collected), after we have made the final collection.