Mollichaff Barley-Plus
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Mollichaff Barley-Plus

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Mollichaff Barley-Plus is a highly-digestible extruded barley nugget with linseed, added calcium and salt.

Weight: 20 Kg

Barley Plus can be fed alone or mixed with other hard feeds. Barley Plus should be fed as a complementary feed alongside a balanced diet of high quality fibre or forage such as Mollichaff & HorseHage.

The extrusion of grains increases digestibility in the small intestine.  This avoids the problem of feeding of unprocessed grains which may result in undigested grains in the hind gut. The micro flora in the hind gut would attempt to digest these grains, altering the local environment and making it very acidic, commonly termed as acidosis.  Acidosis can predispose horses to colic, laminitis and stereotypes such as crib biting.

  • Linseed is a rich source of amino acids and essential fatty acids including Omega 3 – these improve skin condition and aid a glossy coat. Oil is an excellent non-heating energy source, providing 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates.
  • Salt aids palatability and provides the electrolytes sodium and chloride, Barley Plus served as a hydrating mash after work is an efficient way of replacing lost electrolytes.
  • Added limestone corrects the calcium/phosphorus imbalance of the grain for strong bones and healthy growth.
  • Barley Plus may be fed up to 50% of the concentrate ration.
  • Made for the finest farm assured non-GM barley grains and whole linseed.
  • Barley Plus is ideal for horses and ponies with increased energy requirements for growth, condition or moderate to hard levels of work.


Typical analysis

Energy MJ/kg 13.0
Protein % 12.0
Crude Fibre % 5.0
Oil % 5.5
Ash % 5.0
Calcium % 0.84
Phosphorus % 0.37
Magnesium g/kg 1.3
Vitamin A iu/kg None added
Vitamin D iu/kg None added
Vitamin E mg/kg None added
Vitamin B1 mg/kg None added
Vitamin B2 mg/kg None added
Vitamin B6 mg/kg None added
Vitamin B12 mg/kg None added
Folic Acid mg/kg None added
Niacin mg/kg None added
Pantothenic Acid mg/kg None added
Choline Chloride mg/kg None added
Selenium mg/kg None added
Zinc mg/kg None added
Manganese mg/kg None added
Iron mg/kg None added
Copper mg/kg None added
Biotin mg/kg None added
Starch %

50 *      

*Highly digestible, all cooked

Sugar % 2.5

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